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Raji Tours is where the long and distinguished experience of a grandfather meets the enthusiasm and professionalism of a grandson. combined with a passion for tourism and an understanding of the changing world of communication and travel trends .

Raji Tours is a fresh start of the veteran tourism expert the late Raji Khoury, who founded Shepherds’ Tours and has been in the tourism industry since 1965.

Sari, the grandson, is the current CEO continues the legacy of his grandfather by organizing unique and memorable tours to the Holy Land, and the whole region spanning Jordan , Egypt and Europe.
With a background in Media, TV and Cinema Sari understands the importance and power of visual experience and storytelling that leave a lasting impression on our travelers.Sari with Raji Tours team will be able to offer you the journey of a lifetime where you explore the past and enjoy the moment.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Razan Awwad​

As you walk into Raji Tours and Travel agency in Jerusalem, you are met with the bright and optimistic Operations Manager Razan with her charming and heart-warming smile. Razan was raised and educated at the Lutheran School in Jerusalem. Holds a BA degree from the University of Bethlehem in Hotel Management and Tourism. Her work experience includes five years as a Front Desk Supervisor as well as operations officer for another five years in tourism. Razan's passion and heart lies in the world of Tourism, hence she excels in her work with the utmost dedication.

Why us

We Make All The Process Easy

Best Travel Agent

The best travel agent offers personalized and seamless travel experiences, taking care of every detail to ensure memorable journeys.

Beautiful Places

Discover breathtaking destinations around the globe, where nature's splendor meets architectural marvels, inviting you to witness the sheer beauty that leaves you in awe.

Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety is paramount, ensuring a secure and reliable environment that prioritizes the well-being of individuals, fostering confidence and peace of mind in every interaction and experience.

Passionate Travel

Passionate Travel ignites the spirit of adventure, embracing a deep love for exploration and cultural immersion, creating transformative journeys that leave lasting memories and a sense of wanderlust.

Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee ensures that you get the most competitive prices for your travel needs, offering unbeatable value without compromising on quality, enabling you to make the most of your budget.

Fast Booking

Fast Booking provides a seamless and efficient reservation process, allowing you to secure your travel arrangements quickly and conveniently, saving you valuable time and ensuring a hassle-free experience.


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